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Lawn Care & Mowing

Landscaping involves manipulating the natural environment to make it look a certain way. Keeping a beautiful lawn and plantings can increase your home's value and create a nice yard for your family to enjoy.

Most Cape Cod property owners take great pride in their landscapes. Regularly scheduled mowing, watering with automatic irrigation systems, removing leaves and debris, aeration, thatching and fertilizing are all part of a well manicured Cape Cod landscape.


Landscaping is often thought of as mainly plantings and lawn care, but also involves the design and construction of driveways, walkways, walls, stonework and other non-vegetation features.

Design and complete the installation of your new landscape or renovate your existing Cape Cod landscape.

Create the garden, yard, or outdoor living space that you desire.

A well balanced maintenance package is essential to keeping your Cape Cod landscape looking the best throughout the seasons.

  • Landscaping Design, Installation & Maintenance.
  • Stone Walls, Driveways, Brick Walls, & Patios
  • Irrigation
  • Tree Work
  • Sod/Seed Lawn & Lawn Maintenance
  • Hydroseeding
  • Thatching/Aerating
  • Railroad Tie Work
  • Skidsteer Backhoe Service
  • Drywells
  • Gravely/Lot Clearing
  • Clean-Ups Spring & Fall, after storm
  • Snow Removal/Snow Plowing

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Snow Removal, Plowing & Sanding Services

Cape Cod Snow Removal Plowing & Sanding Services

Snow removal is really a necessary job when you own a home on Cape Cod. Even if it is only a vacation home, it should be plowed out after a good snowstorm to allow access for fire trucks. Unfortunately, the larger your property, the more snow you will have to remove. If it’s really wet, heavy snow, consider hiring a snow removal contractor to take care of it for you. On the other hand, if it’s a light fluffy snow, you may be able to handle it yourself without too much trouble.


Landscaping Ideas for a Cape Cod Home

Cape Cod landscaping ideas and things to consider for your next landscape project

Need ideas for landscaping your Cape Cod home? Before tackling your Cape Cod landscaping project you will need to create an overall plan of action and factor in the costs involved with your landscaping ideas along with any budget constraints.

There are many options available for you to create a quality Cape Cod landscape in your yard, so you need to have a basic design and layout idea to get started with your landscape project. The area you wish to landscape may also determine exactly what you can do with it. For example, what types of plantings will thrive in this location, the grade of the area, the soil type and the amount of sunlight the area gets.


Retaining Wall Construction and Design

Retaining Wall Design, Installation and Construction on Cape Cod.

Before you build or design your retaining wall you need to have a good look at the site, the soil conditions, any water drainage issues and what the final grade should be. These factors will be critical in the design of your retaining wall system.

Retaining walls on Cape Cod are commonly built with railroad ties, pressure treated wood, interlocking concrete blocks, poured concrete, dry stacked stones, stone or brick and mortar and cobblestones.

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Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance

Need a Cape Cod landscaper to provide Lawn Mowing and Landscape Maintenance for your property?

Need lawn mowing or other landscape maintenance services for your Cape Cod property? Fill out the form below and our local Cape Cod landscapers will contact you with a free quote for your landscaping maintenance needs.


Landscape Supplies - Soil, Sand, Loam, Stone, Mulch, and Rock Delivery

Need landscaping supplies like Soil, Sand, Loam, Stone, Mulch, and Rock Delivered on Cape Cod?

Get bulk landscaping supplies like mulch, sand, stone, shells, loam, soil, manure and more delivered. Please fill out the following form to contact our local Cape Cod landscape supply specialists.


Brick and Stone Patios, Walks, and Steps

Need a Brick or Stone Patio, Walkway, or Steps Installed on Cape Cod?

Need a brick or stone, patio, step or walkway installed or repaired on Cape Cod?  Please fill out the form below to contact our local Cape Cod hardscape and landscape specialists for a quote on your brick or stone patio, step and walkway project.


Cape Cod Landscape Supplies ~ Bark Mulch, Loam, Stone & More

Retail landscape supplies delivered on Cape Cod. Serving homeowners to large landscape construction sites.

Landscaping supplies available for delivery or pick up in bulk. Mulch, loam, sand, stone, soil, mix and more. For gardeners and homeowners that don’t want to spread the material themselves, we offer installation and spreading services.


Starboardside Landscaping Inc. Landscape Contractors

Since 1988, Starboard Side Landscape has earned the reputation of being Cape Cod’s premier landscape and design company. Give us a call and see why people on Cape Cod choose Starboard Side Landscaping.


Cape Cod Landscaping Services

Cape Cod Landscapers and landscaping services. Lawn Installation, Irrigation, Grounds Maintenance, Yard Cleanups, Stone walls, steps, walkways, driveways.


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